Welmech is well equipped to perform Revamping / Retrofitting / Reconstruction / Upgrading work in the areas of:

Mechanical Design

Redesign and rebuilding of component parts or entire furnace systems to take advantage of the latest, most efficient furnace designs.


Removal and replacement of worn or inefficient insulation with energy saving insulating materials.

Heating Systems

  • Conversion from electric to fuel-fired systems or fuel-fired to electric to take advantage of relative energy savings.
  • Retrofitting outdated heating systems with more efficient and effective technology.
  • Advanced Control Systems
  • Upgrade a control system from the completely manual to an automatic, microprocessor-controlled operation.
  • PLC, SCADA control, Data logging and acquisition system
  • Annual Maintenance Contract
  • A regular scheduled furnace inspection and service work will be taken care during AMC Period.


For large furnace retrofitting, our engineer will be on-site to erect, trouble shoot, commission and start-up the equipment .

Welmech’s commitment does not stop once the furnace has been installed. For the life of the furnace, our service teams provide solutions to any problems, concerns, or new requirements. From spare parts and retrofitting to onsite maintenance contracts, Welmech offers the best solutions to optimize furnace production, efficiency and quality.