About Us



qpThe saga of welmech’s success began in 1989, when dynamic entrepreneurs with their comprehensive team knowledge coupled with ability to convert revolutionary ideas into reality, provided the foundations for welmech engineering. Today, the company has made a mark in its sphere of operation in short span of time. Its mission is to develop and implement customer’s specific heat treatment facilities and processes for the metals industries. It has full potential with special subject of heat treating metals for industries to offer. The company had already established itself on the domestic and international market. The company is Technically collaborated with South Korean and German Companies.


welmech heat treatment furnace/ovens satisfy even the most demanding customers regarding performance, quality and economy. The ability to specialize has made welmech a leading manufacturer of high capacity heat treatment furnaces with new technologies require a great deal of design innovation in order to be able to offer safe production solutions that achieve the practical requirements cost-efficient. Its products are designed for cost effectiveness, safe operation and economical and environment friendly production long service life & less maintenance.