Sealed Quench Furnace


  • Suitable for carburising, carbonitriding, normalising, annealing, case hardening with forced gas cooling/ oil quenching facility
  • Available in gas fired and electrically heated versions
  • Protective atmosphere can be Endothermic gas, Methanol + N2 or Rapid Carb [LPG + air (in-situ)]
  • Supplementary washing machine with single chamber/ double chamber and tempering furnace
  • Fully automatic with PLC and PC based data logging/ Scada software system/ O2 probe for furnace atmosphere control
  • In/ out version for carburising/ annealing
  • Straight through version for oil quenching
  • Data acquisition system – PC based (optional)
  • Available from 100 kg to 1200 kg gross loading capacity
  • Furnace conformance according to API-6A norms

Atmosphere Gas

  • Endothermic Gas
  • Nitrogen + Methanol
  • Drip Feed
  • Direct Carburizing


  • Carburizing, carbonitriding, bright annealing, re-carburizing, tempering etc.
SpecificationEffective Dimension (mm)  Max Operating Temp ()Power Requirement (Kw) Atmosphere Requirement Heat Treating Capacity
TypeLWHHeating Chamber Quench Oil Tank Nm/HrKg/Gross
BCFE-S100 60050040095027124100